Can Revive IT attend my premises to undertake a pre-assessment of my disposal / decommissioning?

Yes, this can be arranged. Please contact us.

Is there a full audit trail of my equipment from the point where it leaves my premises to where it has finished being processed?

Yes, simply request an asset report when using our Standard Pro Data Destruction service for asset tracking from the point when it arrives at our site. Alternatively opt for the Asset Track Pro service where all items will be barcoded up at your site and asset tracking from that point onwards will be available.

How data security tight are Revive ITs services?

We have carried out a full in depth data security risk assessment and have utilised all available measures to ensure our service is as secure as it can be. Such measures include vigorous staff training, thorough policies and procedures, logistics & premises based CCTV, tracking, audit trails, use of certified tried and tested methods etc.

Is Revive IT really the highest accredited IT recycling and data destruction company in the UK?

That is correct; Revive IT hold more accreditations than any other IT recycling organisation in the UK. All that can be are UKAS certified.

How quickly will I receive all my documentation for my disposal?

Waste paperwork will be received at the point of collection. If immediate asset tracking is required then you’ll receive an initial asset inventory log at the point of collection too. All remaining paperwork such as data destruction certificates, audit reports and asset logs will be received within 40 working days.

How does Revive IT justify its competence to perform services to the highest standard?

Revive IT has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in the period we have been operating which is combined with extensive knowledge and insight which our valuable employees input into our operations. As an organisation we are well lead and together we value attention to detail, ultimate professionalism, our reputation and best available practices above profits. We rate data security above everything else.

How is hardware protected in transportation?

Our risk assessment has identified that during transportation hardware is at its highest risk of compromise therefor Revive IT has taken all available measures to secure our service as much as possible. Measures to neutralise threats include: intensive data security operative training which covers all scenarios, logistics operatives must have these qualities: professional / trustworthy / reliable / competent and all vehicles must have signage / snap locks / online tracking and CCTV.

How can you be so sure that data destruction methods are working 100%?

We use the latest industry standard methods of data destruction which are tried and tested. These are professional commercial methods of computer hardware data sanitization which can be undertaken onsite and offsite. All operatives carrying out destruction are extensively trained and all data carrying assets are clearly segregated. Finally all data sanitized items are audited on a weekly basis to ensure compliance.

How can you ensure every single data bearing device is sanitized?

Revive IT have amassed comprehensive experience and knowledge and additionally we have many valuable members of staff who are devoted to nothing else but ensuring compliance and progression. Our leading IT engineers are continually reviewing hardware training and evaluating how all levels of IT hardware retain data; this information is delegated down to all levels within our organisation. Every single item, no matter how small or big, is analysed for data retention capabilities when being processed through our system. All items whether they contain data or not are checked for labels / references and then all data retaining items are sanitized or physically destroyed.

How is Revive IT able to maintain quality and data security by providing cost neutral services?

When Revive IT was established we devoted ourselves to providing and maintaining a cost neutral service and we have managed to do this by implementing an extremely efficient, logical way of doing things. Only a few of our specialised services are charged for such as decommissioning and our gold service.

What happens to all redundant / faulty hardware which I dispose of?

Revive IT have a zero waste policy which ensures absolutely everything we collect is ether reused or recycled. After the data sanitization process has been completed, all hardware that can be reused is refurbished & electrical safety tested and all faulty / obsolete hardware is broken down for materials recycling. All destroyed data bearing media is also recycled as materials.

Can your service be altered around my requirements?

Revive IT offer various service levels to suit each of our customers but the definitive answer is yes – we are able to adjust our services in any way to meet all customers’ requirements, no matter how big or small your organisation is.

Are third parties used at any point?

We recognise the huge risks associated with disposing of IT equipment and so all components of our service are provided by Revive IT with no intervention of third parties.

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We Securely Recycle:

  • Computer Bases
  • CRT Monitors
  • LCD/LED/Flat Monitors/TVs
  • Printers & Photocopiers
  • Projectors
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Networking Items
  • Comms/Network Cabinets
  • Assorted Cables
  • Batteries & UPS Systems
  • Whiteboards
  • Apple Equipment
  • Toners/Ink Cartridges
  • Phone Systems & Mobile Phones
  • Carrier Grade Routing / Switching Hardware
  • Media / Video Broadcasting Equipment
  • High Security Specific Electronics
  • Audio Visual (AV) Hardware
  • TDM/VOIP Telecoms Equipment
  • Anything IT Related
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We Securely Destroy:

  • Hard Drives
  • Media Tapes
  • Floppy Disks
  • CD/DVD Disks
  • Mobile Phones
  • Routers/Firewalls/Switches
  • Anything IT related which contains data
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