Our Management Team


Oliver Bedford

IMS Director

An entrepreneur from the age of 14, Oliver has quickly developed a vast catalogue of business skills specifically oriented around the IT market.  His personal goal is to hastily establish Revive IT as the IT retirement sector market leader.


Chris Smith

Senior Data Security Manager

Since an early age, Chris has amassed and matured a huge range of skills and knowledge ranging from mechanics and chemical safety all the way to network infrastructure. He is a valuable member of our team and above all, the right person to have as our Senior Data Security Manager overseeing data destruction development, data bearing device analysis, network hardware infrastructure and hazardous material handling.


Jason Old

Senior Sales Manager

Sales and IT have been the focus of Jason’s career for the last 25 years; subjects which he is very passionate about. His combined experience and dedication are of great value to Revive IT and have helped shape Revive IT into what it is today. Jason is a huge contributor towards our rapid expansion in the IT recycling industry.


Daniel Taylor

Senior Technical Officer

Revive IT’s technical infrastructure is managed by Daniel. Information Communication Technology is effortless to him ensuring everything he does meets a very high standard. With such a strong Senior Technical Officer operating behind the curtains, Revive IT is able to push forward with its objectives without any concerns as to its IT infrastructure foundations.


Daniel Burden

Senior Compliance Officer

Eager to establish himself as a key figure in our organisation since the start, Daniel has overseen our business expansion operations for 7 years. With all such knowledge gained, Daniel ensures thorough compliance which is so vital in our market sector. He also assists with the smooth transition to Revive IT being the market leader. Most recently Daniel has led huge transformations to ensure GDPR 2018 compliance.


Paul Bedford

Non-executive Director

Paul is an excellent critic to our operations and expansion strategies. For 8 years he has sat at Revive IT as a non-executive director providing valuable proposals, other methods of approach and excellent solutions.


Harry Donald

Regional Customer Service Manager

Harry has been with Revive IT for 7+ years now and has progressed quickly through the ranks to his current position as a Regional Customer Service Manager. His main skills include staff management, customer services and secure regional IT collection management.


Ryan Lake

Regional Customer Service Manager

Ryan is extremely efficient and effective at anything he applies himself to. With a career history in customer service and accounts handling he makes an excellent Regional Customer Service Manager. His career at Revive IT has lasted 6+ years.


Adam Tester

Regional Customer Service Manager

Excellent customer service and staff management comes naturally to Adam; consistently leaving customers very pleased with services provided by Revive IT. He has gained much experience in customer services and electronics recycling before becoming a great addition to our management team.


Sophie Ford

Senior Marketing Manager

Sophie has an extensive background in design, marketing and business promotional events. Her personal goal is to make Revive IT a well-known first choice for IT recycling and data destruction.

Secure Recycling & Data Destruction of:

  • IT Hardware (all types)
  • Data Centre Hardware
  • Telecoms Hardware
  • Audio Visual / Media Hardware
  • Electronic & Testing Hardware
  • Networking Infrastructure

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