Corporate Sustainability

Revive IT is continually expanding and progressing due to the ever increasing demand for our services; whilst we do this we incorporate sustainability and efficiency into our plans to help counter the environmental concerns lurking around in this day and age.

Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. It operates across three overlapping aspects – Environmental, Social and Economic.

Our commitment to sustainability is evidenced through the way our business operates; by the services we provide, the targets we set, investment in quality and environmental systems, collaboration with our clients, supporting local and international programmes, charitable activities and of course our dedicated people.

Revive IT is committed to ethically responsible and sustainable business practice; our sustainable development strategy has continuously developed since we established. Not only has this contributed significantly to the commercial success of the company, but also minimised the negative impact of IT on the environment through promoting the reuse of IT hardware and providing an environmentally sustainable IT recycling solution to unwanted and obsolete computer hardware. In using Revive ITs services customers benefit from the high standards we set.

Today organisations interact socially more than ever before recognising the valuable contribution they can make locally and beyond. Social responsibility extends to actively supporting the local community, the wellbeing of its employees and helping international programmes that benefit our global neighbours. Revive IT supports the communities in which we operate and where our people live – acting locally and thinking nationally.

  • Equal opportunities have long been practiced and are enshrined in Revive IT company policy
  • Respecting human rights and labour standards
  • Setting and maintaining health and safety standards which protect our workforce and visitors
  • Supporting local, national and international charities through the promotion of sustainable programmes
  • Fund raising events are held in support of national charities and international emergencies
  • Revive IT offers an option for our customers to donate a portion of their IT hardware disposal to a charity of their choosing

Revive IT recognises and understands the importance of sustainably protecting the environment in which we operate. We are fully committed to minimising the impact that running our business has on the environment and we encourage our clients, suppliers and all other associates to do the same.

Revive IT is aware that its business activities result in various environmental impacts and will comply with all relevant legislative, regulatory and other environmental requirements in order to act in a socially responsible manner. We will strive to continuously improve our environmental performance. Awareness of our environmental impact is all around us through the media, legislation and ultimately our actions. We all have an obligation to protect our valuable planet for future generations. Revive IT recognise the important part we have to play especially due to the industry we’re in. Through sustainable practices we have and continue to lead ways in which used technology can be better managed with an emphasis on reuse rather than simply recycling. Where we are left with no alternative but to recycle obsolete or failed equipment, we have best practice processes to reduce the environmental impact through the following ways:

  • Revive IT sends no IT waste to landfill — exceeding WEEE Directive targets
  • 100s of 1000s of IT devices have been safely refurbished and reused by Revive IT
  • Energy saving projects lead by our ISO 50001 UKAS energy management system has and continues to lead to extensive reductions in energy used
  • Revive IT maintain environmentally responsible procurement of packaging products using 100% recycled cardboard which we collect from our customers
  • Revive IT also recycle non-IT waste— with recycling rates achieving the highest yet
  • Not only as a business are we reducing our impact on the environment, Revive IT is encouraging employees and suppliers who follow the same path we do
  • Encouraging feedback from the community, staff and our suppliers in terms of environmental sustainability
  • Revive IT has an ISO 14001 UKAS environmental management system in place to ensure there is a set auditable arrangement in place with reviewed objectives
  • The environmental impact is considered in all business decisions made by Revive IT management

Part of being a sustainable business is the continued economic success and growth of the company. Not only has Revive IT continued to grow at an astounding rate, but it delivers financial success to its customers through cost neutral computer disposal and data destruction services. This is achieved through continued delivery of best practice services and solutions and financial investment which delivers on-going operational and commercial benefits to Revive IT and its customers.

  • Revive IT has grown to 25 x the size it was when we were first established after the introduction of the WEEE regulations
  • Revive IT continues to trade profitably as it has always done despite investing vast amounts back into our operation
  • Each year vast portions of our turnover are spent in the local economy through salaries and supply contracts with local businesses
  • Services and solutions are delivered to 1000s of private and government organisations in the UK
  • Our remarketing division supplies refurbished equipment to 1000s of private and government organisations in the UK
  • Revive IT has created huge amounts of jobs in various different departments across our organisation
  • Substantial financial savings are generated for customers through remarketing and redeployment savings each year
  • Revive IT only employs and operates within the UK
  • A financially stable company delivering compliance and guaranteed assurance

Secure Recycling & Data Destruction of:

  • IT Hardware (all types)
  • Data Centre Hardware
  • Telecoms Hardware
  • Audio Visual / Media Hardware
  • Electronic & Testing Hardware
  • Networking Infrastructure

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