Revive IT has identified the need for continual investment throughout our operation to ensure gaps don’t start to appear which could compromise our computer disposal and data destruction services.

IT technology is transforming in an incomprehensible rate with improvements been made every day. The confidential information, your information, retained and used on technology devices is escalating at an astounding rate. In addition an increasingly large amount of IT hardware is being produced solely for a single period of use without consideration that devices need to be fully factory reset in a secure fashion. Finally criminal organisations are becoming more efficient at devising ways to gain confidential data for illicit purposes which is more than often from disposed of IT hardware.

All the above reasons plus many which aren’t mentioned clearly define why it is important for Revive IT to continually invest and improve our services where possible.

The methods Revive IT is investing back into the community and back into our operation to improve service quality, security and efficiency are:

  • Intensive staff training programmes in various departments throughout our organisation
  • The commencement of employment apprenticeships
  • Securing the employment of reputable people with extensive skill sets in the IT and data security industry
  • All profits from trading are invested back into organisation and procedure development
  • Continually scanning for available opportunities to improve professionalism, quality, security and efficiency
  • Internal development of data destruction machinery
  • Consistent use of state of the art technologies throughout our service systems

Secure Recycling & Data Destruction of:

  • IT Hardware (all types)
  • Data Centre Hardware
  • Telecoms Hardware
  • Audio Visual / Media Hardware
  • Electronic & Testing Hardware
  • Networking Infrastructure

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