Our Expertise

The use of an incompetent supplier can result in a disastrous outcome for your organisation from basic theft to your confidential information ending up on the open market. There are many IT recycling organisations available, the majority being heavily flawed – choosing the right one could never be more important. Below we have detailed the key features of our expertise.

  • We don’t simply want to exist in this market; we endeavour to be at the forefront and lead the IT recycling market into a new era. To confirm our devotion, we have acquired all available accreditations
  • Revive IT have years of experience in providing our services to 1000s of public & private UK organisations. During this time we have maintained an exceptional track record
  • We employ IT hardware industry experts whose knowledge isn’t simply surrounding data sanitization but also the complete setup and use of it. Such knowledge and expertise ensures data retention methods aren’t overseen with incompetence
  • IT software development / testing / implementing is done at Revive IT by our advanced software development experts
  • Our IT hardware knowledge covers expertise in all types of IT system uses – all the way from basic routing up to complete data centre establishments and industry specific IT device systems. The knowledge our organisation possesses is has come from previous practical use and isn’t simply theoretical with no actual testing
  • To ensure the professional completion of each job we undertake we employ experienced chemical / health and safety officers. This along with much else has allowed us become accredited with UKAS ISO 18001 and CHAS
  • Our entire operation is led by a team of experienced, proficient individuals who are completely devoted to the successful completion of any task we commit ourselves to
  • In addition to all the accreditations which our organisation has achieved, many individuals hold distinguished IT industry qualifications which cover networking, IT systems, electronics and physics etc.

Revive ITs overall expertise, devotion and leadership go hand in hand with allowing us to provide an all-round professional service with exceptional attention to detail.

Secure Recycling & Data Destruction of:

  • IT Hardware (all types)
  • Data Centre Hardware
  • Telecoms Hardware
  • Audio Visual / Media Hardware
  • Electronic & Testing Hardware
  • Networking Infrastructure

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