Banking / MOD – High Security Sector

Organisations under this sector such as military, banking and finance based establishments etc. require an extremely secure service to cater for their needs. Data bearing devices under this sector are often industry specific and usually store confidential data in sophisticated methods which of course requires expertise and experience to be able to identify it and then securely destroy it.

Revive IT would advise any high security sector organisation to specifically require onsite data destruction, vetted staff, a high data security conscious setup, clean collection segregation, IT collection tracking, a highly accredited supplier with a good background history, highly skilled and trained staff, legislation compliant and a service level agreement contract in place which meets GDPR requirements.

Revive IT can offer high security industries computer hardware disposal and IT data destruction services without compromise:

  • All our BS 7858 security vetted staff are professional, well trained, experienced and motivated – ready to do what it takes to exceed customer satisfaction
  • We have contract systems ready for use which includes service level agreements
  • Revive ITs services are highly reputable with high security organisations and we can provide applicable references
  • Our logistics team is built around the high data security industry incorporating high security training, staff BS 7858 vetting, CCTV, tracking, addition snap locks, signage etc.
  • Revive IT operate a state of the art IT recycling and data destruction facility incorporating comprehensive controls identified on our continually reviewed encyclopaedic risk assessment documents
  • We employee dedicated IT engineers and technicians with vast experience and knowledge in every single type of computer IT hardware system ranging from basic routers to data centre enterprise setups
  • MOD approved IT data destruction which can be undertaken onsite or offsite; methods including shredding, data wiping, degaussing and crushing
  • As the highest accredited IT recycling organisation in the UK, we exceed compliance in all areas
  • All IT assets collected are logged onto a comprehensive asset inventory report with IT collections being traceable from the point of secure collection up to secure data destruction
  • Revive IT provides customers with an extensive list of Environment Agency approved certificates which can be downloaded from our customer portal
  • We welcome all prospective clients to visit our premises prior to engaging in a contract agreement

Secure Recycling & Data Destruction of:

  • IT Hardware (all types)
  • Data Centre Hardware
  • Telecoms Hardware
  • Audio Visual / Media Hardware
  • Electronic & Testing Hardware
  • Networking Infrastructure

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