Good vs Bad Service

Revive IT would like to make all our prospective clients aware of the service they should expect to receive from us and what you risk getting elsewhere. Please see the below.

Research On our website, you’ll receive an in depth, genuine impression of who we are, what we do and how we do it. Many of our competitors display flashy websites which boast a service they simply don’t live up to. Attention to detail is usually the giveaway.
Service area Due to us being located in London, Leeds and Manchester, we have the ability to cover the whole UK with ease. Whether you’re a single office organisation or a national multi-location setup, we can attend all your locations without any delays or postponement. Revive IT have an ISO 39001 road traffic safety system in place. A substantial number of computer disposal companies only have one location and an unprofessional, unorganised set of vans making it increasingly likely that they’ll break driving regulations and disappoint their customers.
Background research Our company and director history is as perfect as it gets and all staff are 5 year background & CRB checked. Many other IT recycling companies have a very poor track record which is well hidden. In addition most don’t carry out any kind of checks on their employees which is very high risk in this industry.
Premises visit We welcome prospective clients to visit our state of the art premises to see where we operate, who we are, how we do it and what service you should expect to receive. It is a sad fact that a good portion of IT recyclers won’t accept a site visit from customers which is worrying to start with but even then, of the ones that remain, the majority won’t leave you keen and ready to use their services after the visit.
Certified service Revive IT are one of the highest accredited IT recycling organisations in the UK with all available UKAS accreditations and more plus we are licenced & audited by the Environment Agency. The majority of other IT recycling companies don’t possess any stamps of approval and if they do, they usually aren’t UKAS accredited which essentially makes them meaningless.
Environmental licences We hold all licences and permits required by law to provide our IT recycling and data destruction service. The Environment Agency (EA) monitors our work on a regular basis. Beware that a lot of computer disposal companies advertise that they are licenced to collect and recycle but this more often than not only means they have a waste carriers licence which is extremely easy to obtain. It is also illegal for a website other than the EAs to display the EA logo.
Communication All communication with us will be quick and comprehensive. We have an organised trained team who are ready and eager to respond to all correspondence no matter what the circumstances are. Revive IT are here for the long run, to achieve our goals and so we’ll always act our best. Communication with a lot of IT recycling companies can be slow and painful; this is often the case after the company has taken away your equipment as they ‘no longer need to hear from you’ then. Even if this isn’t the case with a good portion of IT recycling companies it can be a slow tedious process getting the correspondence you desire which almost leaves you feeling drained. This can easily be avoided.
Booking You’ll receive a welcoming, polite service with fully trained staff that are able to provide advice relating to your specific circumstances. You could speak to a representative who isn’t trained at the position or who isn’t friendly.
Who are you dealing with All our staff are a well picked, diverse, competent team with a vast cluster of skills & expertise which all comes together perfectly to provide our service securely and efficiently, exceeding our customers’ expectations. As Revive IT well know, a vast portion of our competitors are setup and managed poorly and worse even, they only have basic knowledge in the IT and data destruction sector. Would you trust your confidential data with such characters?
Logistics All our vehicles are modern, well presented and signed up with security vetted, (CRB / BS 7858 screened / 5 year background checked), trusted, fully trained staff. Vehicle security includes CCTV, vehicle tracking and additional security locks. A good portion of IT recyclers don’t use their own vehicles or drivers. The majority especially don’t incorporate full vetting and security training into their budget, never mind all the security additions which are vital for providing an IT recycling and data destruction service.
Disposal log loading Revive IT will pick up any WEEE which is IT or telecoms related. We will let you know beforehand if there’s anything we’re unable to accept and we’ll give you the justification why. Grievously there are a good portion of IT recycling organisations which don’t provide a list of items they collect and even if they do, on arrival at your premises it isn’t uncommon for them to pick out items which they’ll take and ones which they won’t, (also called ‘cherry picking’).
Hazardous materials The collection of IT waste is also extremely risky in relation to the handling of hazardous materials in accordance with COSHH. In the IT recycling industry you’re likely to come across leaking batteries, electrically unsafe equipment, various hazardous chemicals / gasses and substances etc. Revive IT are experienced in the collection of these items and have specific procedures and competent persons to ensure safe collection and disposal. Only the market leaders of this industry have definitive hazardous material handling procedures in place along with competent trained staff. Is it worth the risk to health and safety to use an incompetent supplier?
Data and all other security Revive IT fully recognise the security threats in our market place to both us and our customers’ data and security. Transporting customers’ data bearing devices is beyond doubt the procedure which bears the highest risk. We have carried out and continue to review a full data security risk assessment to ensure we are making use of all available state of the art security facilities. It may be very disappointing to hear that a high percentage of computer recycling companies don’t take security seriously; Revive IT know the market and we know our competitors so we can say this very confidently. The list of shortcuts being taken and incompetent management being given is quite amazing which is putting your organisations reputation, data security and name at unnecessary risk which could be avoided.
Data bearing knowledge We have a skilled, trained and efficiently lead IT technical team with a variety of backgrounds and certifications to ensure we identify all of your data bearing devices through processing. Revive IT ensure such knowledge is kept up to date as the IT hardware in use is changing rapidly and so must data wiping and destruction methods. Revive IT provide a data sanitization capability statement so you know how we process data bearing devices before we’ve initiated processing your redundant hardware. You’d be under the impression that all IT recycling organisations know the industry inside out but this is more than often far from the case. It isn’t uncommon for the recyclers to simply think that hard drives are the only item that contain your confidential data. Destroying your private data on all data bearing device types requires expert knowledge which Revive IT would say about 80% of the market place suppliers disappointingly don’t have.
Data destruction We have all that is appropriate to professionally destroy or data wipe any form of IT related data. Our machinery can even be transported and operated at your site. Revive IT know that it isn’t just about having the data destruction apparatus, it is knowing how all the data bearing devices operate and how exactly they need to be data sanitized to ensure your data is irrecoverable. At the end of a site visit or at the end of your acquired services, we’re always confident all our customers will be delighted. With the lack of IT hardware related expertise, the majority of IT recycling organisations are going to significantly struggle to achieve full data destruction of all your data bearing devices. Some even resort to using a hammer on data bearing devices which is extremely concerning in many senses.
Onsite data destruction If you’re a large corporate or public organisation, it may be essential for you to choose the option of onsite data destruction depending on what is held on your data bearing devices. Revive IT can provide onsite data wiping, crushing and shredding to meet the relevant standards. Many computer recycling setups struggle to data destroy your items at their own site as it is never mind the concept of destroying your data bearing devices at your own site. Extremely expensive tools and machinery are required to destroy professionally and successfully which most IT recycling companies simply don’t own.
Provided documentation Before you have entered into a service agreement, Revive IT will provide you Environment Agency approved examples of our Waste Transfer Notes (WTNs) and Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes (HWCNs) along with examples of our Data Destruction Certificates (DDCs) and Asset Report system. All documents are legally up to date and provide accurate information written out by trained members of staff. A consistently large proportion of computer recycling organisations don’t provide all and or accurate and or professional copies of all the documents which you’ll receive from Revive IT. This can leave you with an ill-performed legal duty along with no idea where or how your redundant IT hardware has been processed.
Collection / Asset Tracking Included free in our Standard Pro Data Destruction service is collection / asset tracking from the point of collection, all the way to the point of secure data destruction. This leaves you with peace of mind knowing exactly where your IT collection is in our process system. Additionally we also offer an Asset Track Pro service. This is a rarity among IT recycling organisations – only the very best provide this service and if they do, they usually charge for it which is an unnecessary cost for you. It is always good practice to ensure that your IT collection will be traceable once it has left your premises and won’t just be mixed in with a huge amount of other IT equipment.
Charging All services on our ‘Standard Pro Data Destruction’ service level are administered free of charge. Should you choose our another service level, all charges will be fully disclosed and agreed in writing prior to us collecting from you. A good proportion of computer disposal companies charge for their services and these costs can come as a surprise to you after you’ve received your collection when there’s no going back. There’s also no issue with a free service as Revive IT provide one of these but it is critical that you double check through our ‘What you need to know’ page to clarify that they tick all the boxes.
Feedback Revive IT Recycling will always request each of our customers to leave honest feedback once their service agreement has been fully carried out. Additionally we often phone you to double check everything went as you’d hoped. We have a UKAS ISO 9001 system in place which allows us to improve our service efficiently. Sadly it is more than often the case that once an IT recycling company has performed your collection, you’ll struggle to get in touch with them properly which will leave you frustrated and worried. Revive IT would advise seeing what feedback system an IT recycling company has in place before they are utilised.

Secure Recycling & Data Destruction of:

  • IT Hardware (all types)
  • Data Centre Hardware
  • Telecoms Hardware
  • Audio Visual / Media Hardware
  • Electronic & Testing Hardware
  • Networking Infrastructure

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