The Risk of Data Losses

As IT equipment advances, which it is doing at a fast pace, we all become more and more reliant upon it. Its capabilities inflate which means more of your confidential information is stored on more and more devices. As it is so fast changing, within no time at all, it is time to replace it with newer hardware.

Unlike many other IT disposal companies, Revive IT understands thoroughly that your confidential data is stored on literally every single device which you’ll need to dispose of ranging from the simple desktop PCs and printers up to your network infrastructure hardware.

When approaching a large decommissioning programme with huge amounts of out-dated IT hardware to go, this can be a nightmare scenario with both the need to dispose of the equipment and to ensure all traces of your confidential data are outright sanitized. It is often too time absorbent to undertake such a task of data destruction before releasing the equipment for disposal.

There are a vast numbers of supposed IT recycling companies which claim to undertake all data destruction on your behalf but the truth is, the vast majority are only barely capable of destroying data on hard drives, if that.

Using the wrong company for this service provision can have fatal consequences ranging from gaining a poor unreliable reputation all the way to receiving a hefty fine for breaches of data security.

Revive IT have been established to provide a flexible IT recycling and data destruction service to meet the requirements of organisations of all sizes. Our primary point of concern above all else is to ensure everything we process is confirmed data safe and sanitized with all available measures taken to reduce the risk of data loss to the minimum level possible.

Secure Recycling & Data Destruction of:

  • IT Hardware (all types)
  • Data Centre Hardware
  • Telecoms Hardware
  • Audio Visual / Media Hardware
  • Electronic & Testing Hardware
  • Networking Infrastructure

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