Your Checklist

Revive IT would advise that you read both the ‘What you need to know’ and ‘Good vs Bad service’ pages before you complete your checklist.


  1. Research – Have you paid attention to detail on the IT recyclers website and have you looked at what other information the search engine has to offer about the recycler? Are you satisfied with what you have seen?
  2. Service area – Does the computer recycler cover the areas your offices are located in easily enough or will this stretch their capabilities?
  3. Background history – It only takes a few minutes to bring up the financial history and credit rating of a company. Are you satisfied with the results?
  4. Premises visit – Revive IT recommend that all organisations wishing to dispose of their IT hardware arrange a visit (even if it is a short one) to the site where it is going. This is the best way to separate the good IT recyclers from the bad ones.
  5. Certifications – Have you checked to see what accreditations the organisation has? If they have ISO accreditations, it is important that they are UKAS accredited ones.
  6. Environmental licences – Have you checked the computer disposal organisation has all the relevant environmental licences to carry out their service legally?
  7. Communication – So far has the IT recycler been quick and complete with all correspondence?
  8. Charges – Has the organisation disclosed all applicable charges and confirmed if any more could arise during the process?


  1. Arranging – Is it simple and hassle free to book in a collection? What is the procedure?
  2. Representatives – Are all the representatives you have and will come into contact with: trained, competent and helpful to the standard you were expecting?
  3. Logistics – What logistics are used to perform the collections? Do they have all the necessary security features you’d expect along with a security trained team?
  4. Hardware acceptance – Will the computer recycler accept all types of computer hardware and not pick & choose?
  5. COSHH – Does the PC recycler provide all employees with the relevant COSHH / hazardous materials safety training as they’re bound to come into contact with materials of that sort?
  6. Standard / data security – Is the PC disposal company standard security and data security oriented? Has it performed a full data security risk assessment in compliance with UKAS ISO 27001 and taken all available opportunities to secure its service?
  7. Knowledge – Does the ICT recycler have all the relevant knowledge, skills and expertise to be able to competently ensure all your data is sanitized securely with no possibility of reversal?
  8. Data destruction – Has the ICT disposal practitioner got all the appropriate hardware to guarantee data sanitization of all your data bearing devices including the knowledge of how to proficiently carry this out?
  9. Onsite data destruction – If a distinct requirement of your establishment, does the PC disposal company provide onsite data destruction which is done professionally, safely and in accordance with the applicable standards?
  10. Documentation – Have you acknowledged receipt of and examined the sample documents which you’ll receive once your collection has been processed completely? Are you satisfied that they meet your approval and legal compliance?
  11. Auditing – Once your redundant ICT hardware has left your premises, how will it be tracked? What traceability is there from the point of departure from your premises, in case an audit needs to be undertaken?
  12. Feedback – How does the organisations feedback system operate? Does it ensure genuine feedback is accounted for and acted on?

Revive IT urge all organisations whom need to dispose of their old ICT hardware to ensure care is taken during the procurement process to sidestep disasters and disappointments.

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