What We Recycle

Computer bases

Computer towers are removed all of asset tags / references (including POST references), have their optical / memory slot utilities checked for devices and then any data bearing devices are data wiped or destroyed.

CRT Monitors

Revive IT offer a free environmentally friendly way of disposing of your old CRT computer monitors. This is important as they contain lead.

LCD/Flat Monitors/TVs

It is essential to use our compliant recycling service for flat screen monitors as mercury and arsenic are industry standard materials which are used in the manufacturing process.

Printers & Photocopiers

Even printers and photocopiers usually contain your confidential data. All in one printers usually store phone and scanning history whereas copiers usually retain a copy of everything you have scanned in.


Revive IT removes all asset tags / references incorporating POST display names, checks their optical / tape drives for data bearing devices which are then data wiped or destroyed. Any additional cards such as remote access cards are data sanitized also.


Laptops have any labels / references removed including POST display names, they’re checked for data bearing devices such as CDs / hard drives which are data wiped or destroyed.


All projectors processed are refurbished or recycled depending on their status. Any labels / references are removed.

Networking items

Revive IT have an expert group of IT engineers, Technicians and Networking specialists who as a team ensure anything data bearing is securely data sanitized.

Comms / Network cabinets

All networking cabinets processed are securely decommissioned and recycled. We can even attend your site and decommission your networking hardware for you without disruption. Our team have all knowledge related to IT and telecoms.

TDM/VOIP Routing / switching equipment

Specific TDM/VOIP hardware is efficiently data sanitized and then recycled.

Carrier grade routing / switching equipment

Our carrier grade telecoms specialists are extremely experienced with all types of said hardware and so can competently data sanitize and recycle it.

Media / video broadcasting equipment

All hardware associated with the media / video broadcasting sector can be competently recycled and data sanitized at Revive IT.

High security / MOD specific hardware

Revive IT employs specialist hardware decommissioning and data sanitizing teams who can efficiently process all types of specialist electronic hardware.

Audio visual (AV) equipment

We have specifically trained AV hardware specialists are can competently process all types of redundant AV equipment.

Assorted cables

All cables are either recycled for materials recycling or reused.

Everything else

Revive IT is able to decommission, recycle and data sanitize anything IT or telecoms related. Contact us should you have specific requirements.

Batteries & UPS Systems

UPS systems can be quite dangerous both electronically and material wise as they process a lot of power along with the fact they contain a large amount of hazardous material. If these are handled incorrectly, the consequences can be fatal.

Whiteboards & Smart boards

Once obsolete these can be difficult to recycle due to their size but Revive IT offer a free recycling service for these.

Apple equipment

Apple hardware contains much data like all PC hardware but it is more difficult to data sanitize. Revive IT have trained and experienced staff members to ensure your Apple hardware is recycled and data sanitized.

Toners/Ink cartridges

Waste toners are classed as hazardous waste and so need to be recycled accordingly. Revive IT offer free collections for printing waste.

Phone Systems & Mobile phones

Revive ITs technical team incorporates telecoms specialists who can ensure data destruction on any telecom related device.

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We Securely Recycle:

  • Computer Bases
  • CRT Monitors
  • LCD/LED/Flat Monitors/TVs
  • Printers & Photocopiers
  • Projectors
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Networking Items
  • Comms/Network Cabinets
  • Assorted Cables
  • Batteries & UPS Systems
  • Whiteboards
  • Apple Equipment
  • Toners/Ink Cartridges
  • Phone Systems & Mobile Phones
  • Carrier Grade Routing / Switching Hardware
  • Media / Video Broadcasting Equipment
  • High Security Specific Electronics
  • Audio Visual (AV) Hardware
  • TDM/VOIP Telecoms Equipment
  • Anything IT Related
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We Securely Destroy:

  • Hard Drives
  • Media Tapes
  • Floppy Disks
  • CD/DVD Disks
  • Mobile Phones
  • Routers/Firewalls/Switches
  • Anything IT related which contains data
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